Every family eats different. A new time for food has arrived. Tasteful and wholesome are founding their ways into a happy marriage that brings all the pleasure of a good meal with all the nourishing feeling of natural food made from scratch with fresh, colorful and nutritious ingredients and 360°Gourmet is absolutely in that path adjusting the meals to every family needs:

Regular Serving Portion

Weather you are an small or big family The regular family serving will include 1/3 portion of protein + 1/3  source of Starch + 1/3 of vegetable serving

Non starches Serving 

 In this serving starches are replaced by NON STARCH side dishes all produced in our kitchen soy and chemical free.

The non starch serving includes  1/3 portion of lean protein  + 2/3 of veggies or salad.

Ketogenic Serving 

At difference with the non starch, the ketogenic service has a higher fat ratio. This is NOT an ultra lean meat serving. Although we cook with coconut, avocado and olive oil exclusively the amount of fat for this serving is higher than the non starch serving. 

Vegan AND Vegetarian Serving 

Although some people tents to confuse vegans and vegetarians we have a clear separation between them.

The vegetarian serving will include dairies while the vegan serving is 100% plant based with chemical free replacements.

Gluten Free Serving

Some of our families have celiac or wheat intolerances and it is our job and responsability to serve them according to that restriction.  Cross contamination is highly mange for that serving there is NOT extra fee for taking the meals under gluten free plan.