The Chef

Sandra Galicia is a very creative food passionate and 360┬░ Gourmet it's a wholesome food catering service, with an extensive menu inspired on International Cuisine  (tailored to specific eating requirements due to health, religious or lifestyle reasons when needed) handmade  and deliver to each client door. Our priority is food equally good in taste and wholesome providing an enjoyable guilt-free experience without the effort of grocery and cooking.

Wholesome Food
Taylor Menues

A new time for food has arrived. Tasteful and wholesome are founding their ways into a happy marriage that brings all the pleasure of a good meal with all the nourishing feeling of natural food made from scratch with fresh, colorful and nutritious ingredients.

Receive the meals right at your door. YEAH!!! 360 Degrees  travels for you the 4 seasons offering freshly cook dishes  delivered to your place, either office or home, twice a week, ready to be reheated and serve. No extra cooking time needed. Enjoy!!!!.